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Dear valued customers,

In compliance with our patient acceptance, we have setup a few policies and rules for advanced booking or so-called appointment system. Appointment system is created for your convenient which you can pre-arrange a time slot on your preferred date or time. Our premises will prioritize customers who have made advanced booking than walk-in due to time constrains and quality controls.

Appointment Policies


Late but Free Queue

Patient come late less than 15 minutes and the slot is not taken up by others, patient still has the priority for their appointment.

Late with Full Queue

If the patient come late less than 15 minutes and the slot has been taken by other customers. We reserve the right to attend to other patients/matters, which your priority might be taken by someone else and you need to wait for a new queue

Appointment Cancelled

Patients who are late more than 30 minutes without notice is considered cancelling their appointment automatically. You’ll be appointed a new queue without priority and may not be able to secure a treatment slot

Change/Cancellation of Appointment

Please call the clinic 3 days in advance (during office hours) before your appointment date for new arrangement. Any last-minute changes or cancellation within 24 hours will be recorded as Last-Minute Cancellation (LMC) and may affect your merit scores for future booking

Failed to Present

Patients who have made an appointment but was absent without prior notice will be recorded as ‘Failed to Attend’ (FTA). This will affect your merit scores and may lead to low priority in future appointment arrangement

Restricted Appointment

Patients who has less credibility, for example, had failed to show up for appointment or frequent change/cancel the appointment without giving proper notice, the clinic still accept their appointment, but in the form of standby appointment, without any further notice. If the condition is severe, clinic may reject any appointment for that patient or request guarantee such as a deposit before an appointment is made. That guarantee deposit will not be returned if the patient FTA or cancel the appointment without prior notice.

Emergency patients (accidents and acute bleeding only)

You may have priority more than other patient appointment can be overlapped. However self-proclaimed or self-defined “Emergency” E.g. pain/ulcer/swelling will not be considered as “Emergency” and may not be eligible for overlapping with current appointments. If the scenario is not acceptable on the current situation, then he/she may be referred to other attending practitioner

Appointment records in system is final.

Appointment confirmation will be finalized through Call, SMS, Social Media, Digital Communication Appliations (WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger etc). Our premises may send you a reminder a day before your appointment date. If there is any dispute about the appointment time, please show your appointment slip for further clarification.

These policies were created to avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunication and non-negotiable and will be effective as of 1st January 2020.