Dental Implants. Is it any better?

An implant is an artificial device which is placed in the body to maintain its functionality and a dental implant is used to maintain the functions of mastication and speech which may get impaired due to the missing teeth. Implants are a revolution in the field of dentistry which are not only multi functional but also convenient and the most durable option for replacing missing teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Natural look and feel
    Dental Implants are the most natural replacement for your missing teeth since its structure resembles your tooth the most, with the fixture part acting as the tooth root. Also, the crown is fabricated to best match the adjacent teeth. So, you won’t be able to tell any difference between them.
  • Better speech and mastication
    Unlike removable prosthesis, which move around in your mouth every time you speak or chew, implants remain fixed during oral muscle movements. This property makes them a hassle free option without the use of any denture adhesives to keep them in place.
  • Durability factor
    Implants have a high success rate when properly placed and taken care of. In fact, these are the most durable of all the other options available for replacing lost teeth and may last even a lifetime if oral hygiene is maintained diligently.
  • Improved facial features and oral health
    Implants engage the jaw bone thus preventing bone resorption ; which in turn maintain the natural facial form ,unlike removable prosthesis which cause bone resorption over a period of time making the lower jaw to protrude and conveying an aged appearance. Not only that, placing implants don’t require cutting the adjacent teeth thus contributing to better oral health.

Despite all the advantages listed up there, these treatments does come with a few down-side that might turn people away

Disadvantages of Dental Implants :

  • They are very expensive when compared to the traditional methods of replacing lost teeth such as removable dentures and bridges.
  • Your insurance may or may not or maybe partially cover the cost of the procedure. Talk to your insurance agent before opting for an implant if cost is a major factor.
  • It’s a surgical process and hence not an option for medically compromised individuals.
  • Surgical complications may occur even if performing it in a normal patient.
  • Requires proper care. If oral hygiene is compromised at any time, it will result in implant failure due to infection. The bone health once compromised, doesn’t allow the implant to be placed at the same position again.

Nonetheless, always be positive and don’t be shy and talk to your dentist for the best customized treatments planning. Got a question? Contact us now!

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