General Dentistry

Complete Dental Profile

During your first visit to WeSmile Dental Clinic for oral examination and checkup, we will create a complete health record for you. These are crucial for us to keep track of your oral hygiene record and be able to inform you for any potential oral issue. These help keep your teeth cleaner and healthier.

Besides that, our doctor may also perform a thorough cleaning and cavities fillings to improve your overall oral hygiene. Below are the expected checklists during your initial visit of oral consultation.

  • Comprehensive Checkup - Our dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and mouth for signs of illness or other problems.
  • Scaling and Polishing - Doctors will use specialized tools and device known as scaler to remove tartar, plaque and stains from the gums and to polish the tooth surface to delay plaque and tartar re-deposition. Read More...
  • Dental Fillings - After your cleaning sessions, doctor will assess the black spot for cavities for repair. During the progress, doctor first removes the humus, cleans the damaged area, and then injects the filling into the cavity. Specialized light cure device may be used to speed up the curing progress to harden the fillings. Read More...
  • Dental Radiography - X-rays can diagnose other unobtrusive problems such as injury to the lower jaw, impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts or masses, and cavities between the teeth. As a protective measure, you will be advised to wear lead protective suit and in addition, if you are pregnant, please inform our doctor prior entering the x-ray room.
  • Bite and Jaws Examination - Doctors will assess how your teeth fit together by examining your bite and jaw for possible temporomandibular joint related problems.
  • Restorations Check - All restorations, including fixed and removable prostheses will be checked.
  • Medication Review - Doctor will discuss any medications you are currently taking that can impact your prognosis, progression and management of your oral health